NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: Monsters, Planes fly up the load up; Pirates, Packers tumble to new lows

The Bills are as yet the best group in football, demonstrating their grit with a gutty prevail upon the feared Bosses at Sharpened stone.

As your occupant NFL Power Rankings fellow, I will quite often embrace the test of the 32 groups spread out before me consistently. 

Yet, this week? This season? I'm in all-out alarm mode, composing on my PC with one hand while breathing into an earthy-colored paper pack held by the other.

The Bosses honestly thought sending additional rushers at Josh Allen could kill the Bills' hotshot quarterback. They took in a hard illustration.

Allen hung in the pocket and conveyed score strikes to Gabe Davis and Stefon Diggs while confronting the barrage, gigantic plays that got a 24-20 "vengeance" win against the opponent Bosses at Sharpened stone

With the success, the Bills gain a sudden death-round advantage that might have significant consequences come January.

From the NFL Media Exploration Division: The Hawks have scored 112 second-quarter focuses in 2022, the most focus in any quarter in NFL history through a group's initial six games.