Professor dies after being shot on campus University of Arizona

A teacher was shot and killed in a structure on the grounds of the College of Arizona on Oct. 5 and a suspect is in guardianship, police said.

The casualty was Dr. Thomas Meixner, a teacher and the top of the college's Branch of Hydrology and Air Sciences, the College of Arizona's leader Robert C. Robbins said in an explanation.

The suspect was recognized as Murad Dervish, 46, by College Police Boss Paula Balafas at a news gathering on Oct. 5.

An individual in the John W. Harshbarger building called the police practically no time before 2 p.m.

Balafas said. The representative needed the man accompanied external the structure, yet the shooting happened before the police showed up.

The thought shooter escaped the structure and was subsequently arrested at 5:10 p.m. by the Arizona Division of Public Wellbeing at a traffic stop around 120 miles away close to Gila Twist, Balafas said.

"Arizona is petitioning God for the loved ones of the teacher and those impacted by the present misfortune in Tucson," Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey tweeted.